Groomsman Raises To Hold Up Marriage Ceremony. His Statement Leaves Everyone Silent.

BHUBANESWAR: While young Indians are going in for big fat weddings, these young couples from Bhubaneswar are different. In a unique gesture Pintu Bhatttacharya and his wife Aparajita Mohanty set up a children’s library in the city from funds raised on their wedding reception. The library inaugurated at Chandrasekharpur area on Tuesday has 500 books and a bustling activity centre for children of the locality.”Both I and my husband are voracious readers and avid book lovers. We have also been associated with Bakul Pathagar that spearheaded library movement in Odisha. Besides, libraries are fast vanishing these days. So we decided not to be extravagant in our wedding and do something good for the society. Children’s library was the first thing that struck us,” said Aparajita , an IT professional.The couple had put up a wish-tree at the reception venue and guests were requested to fulfil the wishes written on the tree like donating books, bookshelves, and other furniture, toys for the library.”Our guests were not ready for the surprise and many might not have liked the idea of asking funds on our wedding day. Of the total 200 wishes around 100 were fulfilled,” she added.The couple have invested around Rs 25,000 for setting up the library including the fund they get as gift on their wedding. “I sincerely believe that books are best friends of anyone. Apart from books the library has a scope for several other creative activities in which children can be engaged in. We have plans to invite experts on various subjects and story tellers in future to make the place more happening,” said Pintu, also an IT professional.Founder of Bakul Pathagar Sujit Mohapatra said, “I have always believed in volunteerism and big changes can be made with small contributions of ordinary people. This is the first library in Bhubaneswar outside our main library in Satya Nagar. We are thankful to Punjabi Arya Sanatan Biradari ,who allowed to run it in their premises and also to Pintu and Aparajita who set the trend.” Bakul Pathagar has so far set up 20 children’s libraries across the state.